Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mario kyprianides

Congratulations to Mario kyprianides For the second year running  win's the "Championship of Custom Bike Building" in DUBAI. The show is a AMD affiliated show so now he gets his motorcycle flown to the states to compete in this years  AMD World Championships held in  Sturgis.
These are the awards I got in Dubai.
Best Paint
Peoples Choice
1st Freestyle
Best of Show

I was stoked to hear the Best paint award,..Mario sent the whole bike to me minus the motor and tranny,. for paint and finish,.I did all the molding / body work,. flake paint/candy and art work,.then put the bike back together,. bolted it back in the crate and shipped it back to him in Dubai,..this is the second bike I've painted for Mario,..His last years winner had my skin on it also,..great guy to work with,.. you can see more of this bike on my web site,.

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