Thursday, September 22, 2011

1948 Buick sled

This is just a quick vid. of a Buick sled I've been ironing out,.
I'll be posting some pix of what was needed to get it to this point and follow it up with pix of it finished.
from here the car will get block sanded again and urethane primer applied,.I will be edging out the hood,.deck,.and door jams in black and getting it back so that the motor and trans can be put be in,. I'll get it back and do a final block sand and then its on to a base clear Black paint job,.color sand and buff,.
The fit and finish on this with some fresh black skin should be nothing less then SEXY,....
check back in,.


  1. just tooo nice its gonna be killer

  2. Thanks,..I'll post some more when I get it back from the mechanics shop,..