Monday, February 6, 2012

MAC cosmetics new add campaign Nicki Minaj , Ricky Martin

HAHA,.. WOW,..
I find it amazing,.!!! where my paint work shows up,..
( thanks to the Great People/Builders I work with  )
check this out,.!!
 It's the new add campaign for MAC cosmetics with Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin.
I was told to Expect to see this add run full page in magazines and showing up on billboards
What a trip..

Builder: Warren Lane
Painter: Robert Pradke

the video clip is from an other customer of mine that happen to go to NYC.
sent it to my cell,.
Time square haha,.. not bad,..


  1. Killer Robert! Gotta be crazy to see your stuff in mainstream media.

    Glad to see Ricky Martin is working again too. Ha!

  2. Thanks man,..!!! I do..!!!! I find it a trip in any media,.this is freaky,..haha...!

  3. Kinda crazy... I immediately started searching for a "Petty" link to this ad campaign and ended up finding your blog! Strange... I love the bike though!