Friday, June 15, 2012


I normally don't talk shit,. but come on,...WTF,.!!! is this what motorcycling has come to,..?? REALLY..??
I thought it was bad enough when i saw that fucked up Christmas bike from occ.. 
I just hope it was built for some Wallywood " B " flick...even so,.. Mother Fucker ..PLEASE..

I'm done now...


  1. That looks like an Exile (Brown Pearl?) underneath all that garbage. You should forward that to Russell, he'll have a heart attack.

    1. haha..I dont know Jim,.I would but... it would break my heart to find out that he had anything to do with it....

  2. Umm... is that real?? Like Bodys Alive kinda real?? Meaning, someone's real skin/muscle?? If so, ew.

    Otherwise, I don't believe it's "bike thing", but more so, a controversial art thing?? See the bike that was made out of a skeleton?? I thought that was pretty sweet. This... this is not sweet... this is just utterly gross-looking. Not even humerous, but as I've stated, perhaps meant to be made for "shock-value", i.e. controversial purposes.