Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A blast to the Catskills in the 31

I finally took some time from the shop last fri afternoon .
My wife and I took a blast up to the Catskill mountains . 
we got an invite from a friend that was staying at the Catskills mountain run,. a motorcycle rally that goes on every year. it turned out to be a good excuse to blow off Connecticut for a day and a half.
My wife,. nor myself,. really felt like riding over so she suggested ,.hey,. lets take the coupe out,.
Man,..I dont know,.shes been sitting  in barn for the most part of 2 years ,.just getting a blast to the shop every now and then,..
 Fuck it,.!!! lets take it,.
I pulled it out of the barn ,.changed the oil and off we went,.  
3 hrs @ 3800 and we get there ,. a little cramped up and half deft ,.but safe.
now mind you,..this is a Hotrod Not a Street rod.
steel body,.strait axle,.small block,.411's ,.on an original frame that was for the most part put together in the 60ies,.a hand full at times,. but worth every moment it gives us,..

 so glad we went,.Great getaway,. great people,.and the county side,. Beautiful..
( thanks POP...,..wishing you were here. )
it was just a nice getaway and wanted to share.
,..oh if your ever in the catskills go to
awesome caves,.!!!


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