Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flames on a ford coupe

 A buddy of mine brought in this nice little coupe for some flames,.
he didn't want to go through the expense of re clear coating  3/4 of the car,. i said no problem,.I'll just do everything on top,. and then outline the flames with one shot lettering enamel.
I took a pic of the cars profile and drew the flames right on the pic,. this gives me good proportion to go by. then I drew the flames on the car with a stabilo pencil using the pic as a reference  .
 after the Fine line tape is down I take a piece of paper and trace the flames,. I flip the paper over and using a pounce wheel,. pounce the outline of the flame so that i can transfer the flames on to the other side of the car without trouble .     
 I spray the flame ,.blend my colors and clear coat.
 unmask ,.wet sand and buff
 prep for delivery.