Monday, January 30, 2012

pradke Collision job 2010 mini cooper

I got a call from a friend of mine down the road,. said he tagged his car and if I could fix it for him,.
so after I finished the normal collision stuff and before I unmasked everything I decided to do something about the stock rally stripes that came on the car,.( with his permission of course).
The roof and back of the car is silver,. so I mixed up the same silver and did some flame work,.a little bit lighter green for an out line pinstripe,. some shadow work and then final clear,.

aahh.. no more decals,.everything is under the clear and hes got something a little different without being overbearing,.

some jobs are just fun,..this was one of those jobs,..
everything went off without a hitch.
A big thank you to Greg@ the parts department @ new country BMW in Hartford CT.
great guy's and they know their cars.

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