Friday, January 13, 2012

Pradke TIKI Pinstriping tag

Something New for sale
idem part #003 for sale. $ 55.00 plus shipping
This is a TIKI pinstriping tag,. artwork I did and that is now being engraved on a silver half dollor,. each tag is hand crafted ,.made one at a in the USA,.. although I will be selling more then just one,. each piece will be sold with a specific part number because each piece is a little different then the other,.you will be receiving exactly what you see in each video ,..this one includes an 18 inch ball chain.

this is just my first listing
Any questions please contact me,. @ I will be posting more tag for sale with different designs on them,.Freak tag,. Tiki pinstriping designs,.and match earing sets ( on 1940’s silver dimes),. Thank you,. 

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